Let’s break it down

Hello, we’re Brix and we’d like to introduce ourselves!

We are a team of mathematicians, teachers, and technologists, who believe there is a better way to teach Maths than textbooks. Together we’re building Brix, an online learning platform that aims to provide a world-class maths education to Mathematics students worldwide.

What we’re most concerned with is helping students use their time outside the classroom as effectively as possible. Even with the advent of some online tools, Maths homework is still pretty much one-size-fits-all. This is wrong: if students don’t all fit into one mould, then neither should their homework.

This is where Brix comes in: a personalised, interactive, and (hopefully!) fun learning experience, to guide students through the subtleties and complexities of the subject at their own pace.

Our overall goal is to rid Maths homework of the feelings of dread, frustration and helplessness that can too often be associated with it. And maybe we’ll even help students see the beauty we see in it.

Of course there’ll be much more to read on all this in future blogs, but for now here’s a taster of the other things you’ll get to read about on these pages:

  • The most interesting parts of our journey starting a new business
  • The fruits of our research on cutting edge Maths education theory
  • Guest contributions from our partners and thought leaders in education
  • Our best ideas for teaching the most awkward topics
  • Some choice Maths brainteasers for extension and special interest work

Most of all we want this to be a project to be a collaborative one: we want to incorporate all the best ideas on Maths teaching to make sure we sure we do justice to a wonderful (but sometimes misunderstood) subject. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with ideas and thoughts. Let’s get the conversation started!

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