We started Brix to bring the joy of Mathematics to all students



About us

    James Valori

    Co-founder + CEO

    Having graduated in Maths from Oxford University, James briefly pursued a career as a commercial barrister. However, always happier with numbers than words, he left to build on the three years of private tutoring experience that he’d built up before pupillage. However, teaching for the 1% ultimately proved unsatisfying and he decided that bringing his talent for teaching to as broad a community as possible would be much more worthwhile and Brix was born!

    Kieran Porter


    Kieran has a degree in History and Politics from Oxford University and also a first class International Relations Masters from Kings College London.  He tutored English and History to support poorly paid political posts in Westminster and Sri Lanka before joining a startup management consultancy.  After two years he joined an even smaller political advisory startup, continuing a trajectory which could only end in starting a business from scratch.

    Richard Beddington

    Co-founder + Web Lead

    After reading Music at the University of Surrey, Richard rapidly decided to keep music as a hobby and instead develop his hobby of computer programming into his full-time vocation.  Since then he has gained experience in both Paris, working in the Innovation Bourse incubator, as well as London.  Never content with being comfortable, he decided it was time to move on from the design agencies and take on the new and bigger challenge of building Brix.

    Katie Arundel

    Katie has always had a passion for mathematics and education: graduating with a first from the University of Oxford, alongside tutoring and working with educational charities. Since joining Brix she has been able to unite the two interests: researching and using pedagogy ensure that Brix supports students in the best possible way.