Brix is hiring

We’re a team of mathematicians, teachers, and technologists who believe there is a better way to teach Maths than textbooks.

Together, we’re building Brix, an online learning platform that aims to provide a world-class Maths education for students across the UK.

Taking inspiration from the Code and Khan Academies, but pointed firmly at the UK A level syllabus, our goal is to make studying Maths a bit more like it should be: intuitive, interactive and (perhaps, just a little bit) fun.

Our ambition is to become a profitable company, but our vision is bigger than that. We have an opportunity to make a meaningful difference to millions of students’ education, and help foster an life-long understanding and love of Maths.

See below for the current positions we’re hiring!


    Lead Product Designer

    An innovative designer who will bring the Brix learning method to life

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    Senior Front End Dev

    An experienced developer to help make our animated, interactive Maths lessons.

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    Head of Education

    A passionate and dedicated educator to drive the development of the Brix courses

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    Content Intern

    A summer intern to help build high-quality, interactive Maths courses.

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    Businesss Development Intern

    An intern with natural relationship building skills and a passion for developing customer loyalty

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