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We’ve been privileged to work with some of the most committed and talented teachers in the country to develop Brix. As our community grows we become more able to give back in the form of free CPD and events.


Brix organises free CPD events nationwide, open to all Maths teachers.

A level reform

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We’re running TeachMeets to help you prepare for the new Maths A level coming in September. We’ll be talking about problem solving, modelling, and how to deal with large data sets.


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Brix uses well-researched pedagogy to make learning as effective as possible. We run workshops for teachers to share what we’ve learnt.

If you’re interested in attending one of our events, please get in touch. If there isn’t one near you, we’ll be happy to discuss organising one for you!

Teacher Testimonials

Meeting was very useful, well presented & informative; it was good to have examples of questions (and answers) to have a go at. Katie was knowledgeable & it was great to have 2 (well qualified, female) mathematicians talking about the reforms not exam boards trying to "sell" something!

Access to quality online resources are few and far between - Brix perfectly fills that gap.

Brix is an amazing resource.

The programme looks amazing I am well pleased, I get the feeling that we will be buying more licences from you pronto!

There are other websites with lessons, other websites with questions and other websites with worked examples, but none where they’re all in one place like this, which is really good.

I’ve just had a quick look at it now – and I really like it. I think it’s going to be very useful. I’ve just had one of my year 12 girls come to see me as she was disappointed she only got 2 out of the 3 stars available for fractions!

The students absolutely love it and we can’t wait to roll it out across the school.

The students enjoy it and the ones who have used it properly have seen a big improvement in their grades.

The students love the adaptivity, as it keeps them progressing at the right rate through the material. The students really like the clear structure, as they can see exactly where they are in the course.

A few students have really gone at it and it has been a massive success.

We’ve had students go from 40% on a test to over 80% having only used Brix to clarify their understanding.

It’s like memrise but for maths. It’s better than Khan Academy!

Adaptivity built in is a genius feature.

I do like the adaptive nature of the programme - it’s very important.

Now that I’ve seen the site and everything it can do, I can’t wait to use it with my students.

We find Brix brilliant and we will continue using it frequently up to the summer examinations as we find it such an useful tool for revision.

Just to say the platform has really helped with progress and engagement in the classroom. Students like the approach you have developed. We will have a more detailed survey over the coming weeks but it has been a positive experience for all concerned.

Student Testimonials

It's brilliant miss has helped improve my understanding of certain topics so much thank you.

bring out Core 3 and Core 4 if u would do that it would be fantastic also would be buzzin like if you brought d1 out as well itd be bants


I went from a U to an A - having worked on Brix.

I love how the videos are specific to the exact question, it’s really helpful.

This is very useful.

I like it a lot more than mymaths. It's good that it saves where you left off last time, the videos help you, yeah it's pretty good.