Inspiring and effective homework for Maths A level

Brix is a next-generation maths learning platform

Our Five Pillared Pedagogy

Brix is the only Maths learning platform in the world engineered around a deeply researched pedagogy designed to deliver impact. Our approach is focussed on increasing student engagement, confidence and enjoyment in order to drive achievement.


Passively listening to a lecture or watching a long video is not an effective way to learn - students become bored and lost. We believe that students learn best when they are actively doing maths. On Brix, students are continually answering questions to make sure they’re engaging fully with the material.


We’ve broken down the entire syllabus into small chunks, which we call Bricks. Each carefully structured Brick builds on the last: helping students to build a secure foundation in maths, and giving them the tools and support they need to tackle harder questions.


Not every student is the same. So not every piece of homework should be the same. Our advanced machine learning algorithms adapt the questions the students are facing to be just right for them: hard enough that they make them think, but without leaving them stranded by unapproachable questions.


Normally if a student can’t solve a problem in their homework they have to just give up. We don’t believe that should be the case. For every single type of question on Brix there is a specific, short video that takes students through a solution to a similar question. This gives the student the method, without spoon feeding them the exact solution.


Learning should be fun. And while we believe Maths is about as fun as it gets, you sometimes need a little extra push. Students get full feedback about exactly how much work they’ve done and how far they’ve progressed. This supports longer term motivation and engagement.

Our focus on data allows us to continually refine our pedagogy, constantly improving the student experience.

We’d love to tell you more about our pedagogy, or present to you department. Please get in touch here if you’d like to find out more.